Photographer who Tripped Refugees, Plans to Sue Refugee that She Tripped

Back in September, FTVLive told you about the Petra Laszlo, the Hungarian news camerawoman, who was caught on video kicking and tripping fleeing refugee's on the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Now she plans on suing one of the refugees that she tripped. 


Laszlo  was fired from her job after video showed her kicking and tripping the refugees as they ran from police. 

Now word comes that Laszlo plans to file a lawsuit against Osama Abdul Mohsen, the guy she tripped while he was carrying a child.

“He changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police,” she claimed to a Russian newspaper.  “My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honor.”

Laszlo also announced her intent to sue Facebook, which she believes perpetrated harassment by refusing to delete groups that were threatening her.

So, the wrap this up, this women is suing a guy that ran across the border carrying his child. All the guy had was his kid and the clothes on his back. 

So what is this women expecting to get in her lawsuit? His belt?