Fired Fox News Host to Resurface on CNN

CNN has hired former Fox News host Bob Beckel as a political commentator.

You may remember that Beckel was canned by Fox News shortly after he announced he was going into rehab. 

The Daily Beast writes that the long-time Democratic pollster who worked in the Jimmy Carter administration will now serve among CNN’s roster of in-house political commentators, appearing across the network’s programming to provide what can ultimately be called a “blue-collar liberal” perspective.

CNN is well-known for scooping up former White House staffers as opinion talkers; and since late August, Beckel has appeared on CNN shows hosted by the likes of Don Lemon and Michael Smerconish. 

Beckel rose to cable news fame (is there such a thing?) as the gruff liberal co-host of Fox’s midday gabfest The Five, a position he held from the show’s 2011 inception until he was kicked to the curb.

Beckel has been upfront about his checked past which includes a troubled childhood, heavy drug use (mostly cocaine, he’ll admit), alcohol abuse, and an unfortunate run-in with a prostitute hell-bent on extortion.

Sounds like he'll fit in perfectly at CNN.