Bumped Up the Food Chain in OKC (Updated)


Word is that KFOR in Oklahoma City has filled their open News Director position and they didn't have to go far to find their new news boss. 

The station has bumped up Executive Producer Natalie Hughes top the News Director gig. She replaces Carlton Houston, who left last month for the Deuce job at WUSA.

While many stations and companies are wrapped up in their people being active on social media, it appears that Hughes is not into that.

A search shows that Hughes has a Twitter account in which she has never tweeted, only has 12 followers and followers just 59 people.

Also finding a picture of Hughes is also not easy. So, we will use her posted picture on Twitter. She looks very much like an egg.

Just saying....

Update: The FTVLive Intern got off Tinder long enough to find us a picture of Miss Hughes. Which  was clearly not taken in Oklahoma City.