Sam Champion Pops up on The Eye and has some "Fun"

Former Good Morning America Weather Anchor Sam Champion, unwisely left GMA for the sinking ship that is The Weather Channel.

He was hired with a lot of fanfare and given his own morning show at TWC, that failed miserably and was canceled by the struggling network.

This morning, Champion, who still works for The Weather Channel (until they can dump his contract) popped up on CBS's Early Show.

Champion was reporting on Hurricane Joaquin, which is continuing to churn in the Atlantic and has people guessing where he's headed. 

By going on CBS, Champion has now appeared on all 3 morning network shows as talent. Something that not many people have done.

Speaking of Champion, his dying show tweeted out this "Fun Fact" on Twitter. Never knew that a Cat 4 Hurricane has been labeled "fun" before.

Maybe this is one of the reasons the show has been canceled: