Gulp! FTVLive Agrees with CNN's Don Lemon


You might read that headline and then quickly check the date to make sure it is not April 1st. 

It's not and you read it right, FTVLive agrees with Don Lemon...this time.

When police finally named the shooter in yesterday's brutal killing spree in Oregon. CNN's Don Lemon used the killer's name, Chris Harper Mercer in his reports.

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly called out Lemon for giving the killer exactly what he wanted....fame. 

Lemon tweeted Kelly back and said that it was the media's job to report the story. 

The 5 W's is the backbone of reporting, Who, What, Where, When and Why. The very first of those 5 is WHO?

Yes it is the media's job to report the story, report the facts and let the viewer decide. But in the cable news world, the facts are often muddled with opinion and conjecture. 

Now, we could argue all day whether Megyn Kelly or Don Lemon are "real" Reporters or not?

But, when it comes to straight reporting, of course Lemon is correct. you have to name the shooter. 

That's what reporting is.