Eh....Destroyed....Stronger...Same Thing Right?

Good Morning America Anchor Amy Robach was not at all happy with People magazine. 

Robach, who is making the rounds to pimp her new book about beating cancer has criticized People magazine for what she said was a misleading headline about her marriage to Andrew Shue on its cover.

The weekly’s new issue has an exclusive story on Robach exclaiming, “Cancer Nearly Destroyed My Marriage.” But Robach appeared on “The View” on Thursday and said: “I just want to clarify something for anyone who might be picking up People magazine . . . there is a very hurtful headline. Cancer did not nearly destroy my marriage . . . it made it stronger and better . . . that’s not the message of my book.”

People had the same “Cancer Nearly Destroyed My Marriage” headline online, but then changed it Wednesday afternoon to “Cancer Made Our Marriage Stronger.”

So, if you buy the magazine in store (do people still do that) then Robach's marriage was almost destroyed. Read the story on the magazine's website and it made the marriage stronger. 


A People rep says, “We’re sorry to hear that Amy is upset. People has been proud to share her story with our audience, and we admire her bravery and honesty.”

H/T Page Six