Change of Heart Maybe?

Earlier Today, FTVLive told you that Newt Gingrich the former Republican Speaker of the House and presidential candidate  is joining  Fox News as a contributor, the network has confirmed. 

I know, i know, nobody really cares, but here is an interesting bit about this.

Back when Fox News dropped Gingrich as a contributor in 2012, Gingrich unloaded on Fox News and called them anything but fair or balanced and said CNN was better.

When Gingrich was making his presidential run, he said this, "I think FOX has been for Romney all the way through. In our experience, Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than FOX..."

At the time, Fox News countered with this, "This is nothing other than Newt auditioning for a windfall of a gig at CNN -- that's the kind of man he is. Not to mention, he's still bitter about the fact that we terminated his contributor contract."

But now that Gingrich is headed to Fox News as a contributor, we're sure he will say that FNC is more than fair and FNC will rave about Newt.

You gots to just love cable news. 

BTW- Gingrich will be on Greta's show tonight at 7PM, where they won't likely talk about how they disliked each other a few years ago. 

H/T Slate via Johnny Dollar