You Got to Keep Them Separated

On Howard Kurtz's Media Buzz this week, Kurtz had on two contributors to talk about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. Because you know, if Fox News doesn't mention Benghazi once and hour, the viewer might forget. 

Since joining Fox News, Kurtz has become more right than Steve Doozy, if you can believe that. Kurtz keeps hammering the left in hopes that it will keep him in good graces with Roger Ailes and that Ailes won't figure out that Howie is a waste of time and money.

But anyway, back to Sunday's show. Howie had on Rich Lowry from the National Review to slam Clinton and the media and Julie Roginsky a Democrat to try and prop Clinton back up.

What's interesting, Lowry and Roginsky were sitting about 35 feet from each other. Is it so bad that Republicans and Democrats can't even sit next to each other? 

Check out while Lowry is on camera, you can clearly see that Roginsky is in the background in front of another camera. 

What's up with that?