Wait! That's Not Anderson Cooper

If you were in Las Vegas for the Democratic Debate you might have thought you saw CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Then again, it might have been Dr. Randal Shelin.


Randal Shelin, who is president of Desert Radiologists is a dead ringer for the CNN Anchor.

In fact, when Cooper himself ran into Shelin he just had to take a selfie with the Doctor. 

"As soon as there was eye contact, he was in shock and disbelief," according to Dr. Randal Shelin, a 20-year Las Vegas resident and radiologist.

Shelin says he's  been getting double takes as Cooper's doppelganger for years.

"One woman said 'I've had a crush on you for years.' At least two other approached me saying how much they appreciated my journalistic work. I was standing next to the head table when a food server wanted to escort me to my seat, but I said, 'No, I'm not that guy.'

"I feel for the guy. I get 'Hey Anderson' all the time. In Las Vegas you expect to see celebrities," said Shelin, who turns 54 on Halloween and, like Cooper, has silver hair. Cooper is 48.

Cooper posted a photo of the two on Facebook with the comment, "In Las Vegas, at an event for UNLV, I met someone who looks a lot like me. It kind of freaked me out."

H/T Las Vegas Review Journal