Ummmm...A Bit Late Guys

Two other TV blogs reported today that KMOV in St. Louis officially named Alissa Reitmeier as their main Anchor replacing Sharon Reed who went to WGCL (a move FIRST reported by FTVLive).

Of course, FTVLive told you back in September that Reitmeier was getting the job. 

But it took a while for the station to officially announce it.

That was two days ago! And FTVLive also brought you that story. 

Now look, we are used to the other guys either copying (stealing) or being behind FTVLive. 

But for both of them to be two days behind us is a bit embarrassing...for them, not us. 

You see, they both had to wait for it to be in the local St. Louis paper before they posted it.

Guys, we'll try to slow down a bit, but come on, you have to do a better job of trying to keep up.