Anderson Cooper Sucked or was Great as Debate Moderator

CNN staged their much less hyped Democratic debate last night and Anderson Cooper was either brilliant or awful as a debate moderator, depending on who's writing the story. 

No surprise, Dylan "Scoop Machine" Byers, who was recently hired by CNN as a media critic glowed about Cooper's job on the debate. ".....Cooper received widespread praise on Tuesday night for his handling of the inaugural Democratic primary debate," Beyers wrote.

Over at Bustle, the praise wasn't nearly as nice. "Though it's relatively unsurprising that Clinton earned the most air-time, it came as a bit of a shock at how poorly CNN moderator Anderson Cooper managed the talk time of each candidate," Bustle's April Siese wrote. 

As for Cooper's sidekicks also took some heat. 

CNN had African-American Don Lemon do the lead-in for a question about Black Lives Matter and the Hispanic moderator Juan Carlos Lopez, ask a question about Hispanics. 

"If Don Lemon can only ask about black people and Juan Carlos Lopez can only ask about Hispanics, Wolf Blitzer only gets to ask about wolves," David Itzkoff, a New York Times culture reporter tweeted.

Donald Trump also live tweeted the debate, because the Donald can't stand the spotlight being off him for even a second. 

But Trump did tweet out a critique that everyone expect Jeff Zucker would have to agree with. 

If you did not watch the debate, don't worry, you can tune into CNN all day today, where they will talk about it ad nauseam all day long.