The Weather Channel to Reboot Sam Champion

The Weather Channel is going to try again with Sam Champion after his show failed miserably. Champion came to The Weather Channel from ABC's Good Morning America and was quickly given a show called AMHQ, that flopped in the ratings.

Now, according to The Wrap, The Weather Channel is going to reboot and give Champion his own weekly, long-form primetime interview show on The Weather Channel soon after the new year. The show will be produced out of New York. 

“It’s something I’ve dreamed about for a good 15 years now, but I never knew a place where I’d be able to do it,” he said.

but wait, didn't Champion say that being the Managing Editor of AMHQ was also his dream come true?

And didn't the Weather Channel say that they cancel Al Roker's show due to high production costs in NYC? Yet, Champion's new show will be based out of New York. 

TWC says that Champion's new show will tentatively have three or four guest interviews an hour ranging from scientists to older and younger minds who are “leading change.”

If they are hoping that this will be a ratings grabber, they better hope again.

Look for this show to not last long on the schedule.