Back late last year, FTVLive FIRST reported that Aliyson Camerota would replace Kate Bolduan early in the new year on CNN's New Day.

We followed up the story 3 more times reporting the exact same story and saying that an announcement would be coming from CNN early in the new year.

Today, a website called "the Wrap" and a hack writer named Jordan Chariton reported that very same news and called it an "exclusive" story.

Jeff Zucker's water boy Brian Stelter then tweeted the wrap story like it was some new news. Here is some of the best replies to Stelter's tweet of "breaking news" about New Day changes:

Stelter knows that FTVLive breaking the story really pissed off Jeff Zucker, so he kisses up to the boss by not giving FTVLive credit on the story.

As for Jordan Chariton, he's a hack and always has been a hack.

We expected more from Stelter, but not anymore.

Thanks to the FTVLive faithful that have emailed FTVLive to show the support. As one person from another network said "The Wrap refuses to give credit to another outlet."

We especially thank those that emailed us that work at CNN. Your emails are hilarious and supportive. The one about Stelter had me in tears. Funny stuff. 

You guys rock!