Fuck The Wrap

The website the Wrap tweeted an "exclusive" story just before Noon Today.

Of course this is the same story that FTVLive FIRST reported two days before Christmas. Yes....on December 23rd, FTVLive reported that Alisyn Camerota would be replacing Kate Bolduan early in the new year.

All we have to say to The Wrap is BITE ME YOU F-ING LIARS. 

Let's see if the website has the decency to do what's right, or if they will continue to claim it as an  "exclusive"...even if they were 3 weeks late.

Update: FTVLive emailed The Wrap Reporter Jordan Chariton (Pictured right), who supposedly had this big "exclusive" story.

We'll see if this hack does the right thing.

He's not impressing the bosses with a 3 week late "exclusive"...let's hope he knows that. By the way, thanks to the hundreds of you that have already emailed me. I can promise you, I will never link to The Wrap again...ever. Assholes!