Hey NBC...How About Some Disclosure?

NBC News correspondent Maria Shriver thinks that the new movie “Still Alice” is important and compelling. Indeed, the Alzheimer’s-themed film, she reported Tuesday on “NBC Nightly News,” could do for Alzheimer’s patients what the Oscar-winning “Philadelphia” did for people living with AIDS.

But what Shriver and NBC News did not tell you is that she is one of the movie's Executive Producers.

How the hell let's the Movie's EP report on her own movie is beyond us.

NBC anchor Brian Williams introduced Shriver’s two-minute report by saying that the new film “will make a lot of people think, and it may scare a lot of families” about Alzheimer’s, a deadly disease. He added, “There’s already talk of an Oscar nomination for its star, Julianne Moore.”

Williams disclosed that the movie “is something of a passion project for one of its producers,” Shriver, whose father, Sargent Shriver, died from the disease. But neither he nor Shriver disclosed any potential financial interest for Shriver; executive producers typically help arrange financing for a movie and share in any profits.

Shame on NBC and Shriver for not disclosing this.

Another black eye for the Peacock.

H/T Washington Post