Fox News Claims Dish Network has Lost 90,000 Subscribers

As Dish Network and Fox News continue their retransmission pissing match, FNC is claiming that 90,000 subscribers have ditched dish and moved elsewhere.

Tim Carry, executive vice president of distribution for FNC and FBN, estimated that Dish has lost some 90,000 subscribers since the channels were removed from the provider's 14 million subscribers late on Dec. 20.  

He bases the total on the number of viewers that have reached out to the website and 888-numbers, and others that have contacted Dish directly. So it's a good bet that that 90,000 number is lower.

Carry said that a combined 350,000 have called about or visited the section of the Fox website providing a list of alternative providers in the viewers’ area. He said the numbers began picking up on Dec. 26, after the Christmas holiday. 

Dish did announce this week that they would start offering a streaming service for about $20 a month.

If that streaming service includes the Golf Channel, Dish will pick up at least one brand new subscriber.


H/T MultiChannel News