Twin Cities Station Does Story on a Big Ball of Tape

KSTP did a story on a guy who collected a big ball of tape, but this story has a news angle.

In the late '90s, KSTP editor Joe Guion started taking the story labels off the edited videos and putting the labels into a ball. 

Every time a new story is edited onto the tape, Guion pulls out his magic marker and writes the story’s title on a fresh piece of tape, the old were collected into a ball. Soon enough, it was the size of a basketball. In 1997, it weighed about 97 pounds and by March 2001 it had grown to 168 pounds.


The last weigh-in was in 2006, when it weighed 379 pounds.

The newsroom eventually went digital and stopped using tapes. So the additions to the ball stopped.

The spherical creation is more than just old pieces of tape; it’s a patchwork of headlines and history of news during the last 20 years.

Yesterday, the sticky tape collection was removed from the KSTP newsroom. It took a forklift to boost the ball up into the bed of a truck.

The hope is for it to possibly end up in a broadcasting museum. The Newseum has some room now that they moved Tim Russert's office to Buffalo.

Just saying....