Salisbury Station has Website, Twitter account Hacked

FTVLive told you yesterday (don't worry the other sites should get around to the story Today) that WBOC in Salisbury had their Twitter account and website hacked by "terrorists."

Not really sure if terrorists are going to take the time to hack a small market website, but pro-extreme Islamic messages were left behind by a group calling themselves Cyber Caliphate.

Ethan Holland, WBOC's Director of Digital Media says it happened quickly. “Around 11 o'clock we saw that our twitter password had been changed and we were locked out. Then around 11:30 we saw that our website had been modified,” says Holland. 

Modified with pictures appearing to support the Islamic militant group ISIS. Web Editor Kye Parsons found himself in the center of it all. "We took as quick action as we possibly could," Parsons says.

The station says, while the reaction was swift, the damage was done. Links were shared with the public through and twitter. Holland says WBOC was used as a mouthpiece with information that wasn't theirs.

General Manager Craig Jahelka says it was important to be proactive. "We needed to let everyone know this was not our doing,” he said, “and we are doing everything we can to correct the situation."

The Salisbury Police Department was contacted. They passed the information along to the FBI, which has been speaking with WBOC about the incident. The FBI says similar attacks have been quietly happening to media companies across the United States.