"Terrorists" Hack Salisbury Station's Website, Twitter Account

Not sure it is was really terrorists, but WBOC (Salisbury) had their website hacked. 

Whoever hacked the website posted pro-extreme Islamic messages on the station's site. The station's Twitter account was also hacked, which most likely means the station was using the same username and password for both sites.

“We have managed to take back control of WBOC.com,” station manager Craig Jahelka told WGMD News.  “We have contacted Twitter to let them know that our account has been hacked, but they haven’t done anything yet.”

The postings to the site were from a group calling itself the CyberCaliphate, which it says has infiltrated other databases across the country.  WBOC says they have the situation under control and they are evaluating how to proceed with site security.

“We’re pretty sure they got in using the log-in and password of one of our members in the news department,” explained Jahelka.  “We’re not sure how they got it, but when they got in they somehow managed to figure out two other employees’ log-ins and passwords.”

The posts are generally threatening in nature, alleging to have everyone’s personal information.

Looks like a mini Sony hack going down in Salisbury.

Stay tuned....