Cleveland Station Taking the Action out of Action News

Yesterday, FTVLive FIRST told you that WOIO (Cleveland) was parting ways with News Director Dan Salamone. Now sources tell FTVLive that the station is parting ways with Action News.

Word is that the Raycom station is going to ditch the "Action News" name and turn to CBS 19 as their new station brand.

Years ago, WKBW in Buffalo which had been known as "Eyewitness News" forever, decided to take a similar route and changed their news branding to "News 7."

It failed miserably and the station crawled back to the "Eyewitness News" name. 

The other problem is this.... CBS boss Les Moonves is living for the day when he can offer CBS programming straight to the viewer without going through an affiliate. When Les finds the way and can make it work financially, it will happen.

So, what happens when WOIO wakes up one morning and CBS has pulled the affiliation from the CBS affiliates and is taking their product right to the consumer?

At that point, being "CBS 19" will not make much sense and the station will have to brand again.

Hopefully, "Action News" will still be available in the market.

Just saying....