Former TV Anchor now Cooking up Stories

Former Las Vegas Anchor and San Francisco Reporter, Lorraine Blanco Moss has given up the microphone for a spatula and she couldn't be happier.

Blanco Moss was a Reporter at KTVU, when her husband landed a radio job at ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas. 

“When Mitch had the opportunity to come back to Vegas and work as the lead host at ESPN 1100, he asked me what I would do if money was not an object and I could do anything?

“I didn’t hesitate, ‘I’d go to culinary school, become a chef,’ ” she said.

Her husband’s response: “Then we should look into culinary school.”

Starting in the fall of 2013, she jumped from the pressure cooker world of television to the frying pan.

After relocating from the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, she enrolled in the College of Southern Nevada to pursue the culinary arts.

And she hasn't looked back. 

“I just got tired of the upsetting stories, standing on the side of the road near body bags, investigating missing children and watching family homes burn to the ground,” she said.

Her new world is “so much better than entering someone’s life in his or her worst moment and doing little to make the situation any better; that’s how I felt in the news business.”

I love the science of food, exploring cultures throught international recipes, and I’m a Food Network junkie.”

She added, “It gives me goosebumps when people get that look and make that sound when you make something delicious. Now I get to tell my story with food.”

H/T Las Vegas Review Journal