Former Philly Sports Anchor Rejects Plea Deal in Scam Case

Former Philly Sports Anchor Don Tollefson had one more chance to accept a plea deal in his ticket scamming case...he turned it down.

 Tollefson rejected the plea offer Monday morning that would have included seven months in state prison and a year-plus in drug treatment programs. The jury selection started earlier - then halted - for Tollefson, the former Philadelphia sportscaster who is accused of duping hundreds of people through a ticket-selling scam.

After Tollefson's rejection of the deal, the jury selection resumed.

Speaking to reporters before entering the Bucks County court room, Tollefson said he looks "forward to telling his side of the story." 

But Tollefson said little else about the upcoming court proceedings, referring instead to talking about his Christian faith and his new home in North Philadelphia.

Tollefson is representing himself. But he is assisted by Robert Goldman, a high-powered Bucks County attorney who was appointed by a judge.

The trial almost didn't start. Tollefson had tentatively pleaded guilty in September to selling more than 200 people about $317,000 worth of phony travel packages. But he then withdrew his guilty plea last month and said he would fight the charges at trial and serve as his own attorney.

Tollefson has said he plans to pay back everyone who has a legitimate claim against him.

H/T Philly Inquirer