Former NBC Executive Could Be Headed to Jail

A prominent TV exec could spend his weekends behind bars if he doesn’t stop being a deadbeat dad, according to an appeals court ruling released Thursday.

The NY Daily News says that Douglas Holloway, president of ION Media Networks and a former NBC honcho, was chastised by an appellate panel for trying to hide financial assets and bailing on child support and alimony payments in his acrimonious divorce.

The bad behavior could land Holloway, 60, in jail on weekends for 20 days, according to the Manhattan Appellate Division decision.

The panel voted unanimously to uphold rulings by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Gesmer, who found the executive in contempt and awarded his ex-wife two thirds of the couple’s $8 million marital estate, above average child support, and legal fees.

Gesmer found that ever since Leota Branche, 57, of Westchester County, filed to end her 18-year marriage in 2008, Holloway has engaged in “egregious economic fault” by “liquidating, dissipating or failing to account for more than $2 million in assets which represents approximately 25% of the marital estate.”

After a 10-day trial, Gesmer also found that Holloway failed to disclose various accounts and increased liens on the family’s home in violation of her order to not do that.

“The finding of criminal contempt against (Holloway) is overwhelmingly supported by the record which includes evidence of his willful failure to pay the child and spousal support,” the appellate panel wrote.

Public records show that Branche’s lawyers have put liens against Holloway for roughly $100,000 in unpaid fees and his wife claims he owes her at least $118,000.