Indiana Governor Backtracks on Taxpayer Funded News Service

Two days ago, FTVLive told you that Indiana Governor Mike Pence was looking to start a state-run taxpayer-funded news outlet that would help his office cutout the media.

But, after a large amount of backlash, Pence is back peddling from the plan. 

The Indy Star says that Pence told a conservative talk show host Wednesday that he would reject any version of his new "Just IN" website that looks like state-run media, continuing to distance himself from a written news service plan developed by his staff.

"As governor I can assure you that (the plan) did not meet my expectations and if this website doesn't meet my expectations of respecting the role of a free and independent press, I will reject i," Pence said Wednesday on WIBC-FM. 

Pence also repeated his earlier explanation that the new site was intended to be a resource, not a news source.

Garrison continued to question him: "How does an idea that's antithetical to what you were setting out to do go that far, when nobody caught it? Who wrote that thing?"

Pence replied: "I'm asking all those questions, Greg. I frankly learned about the memo from press reports late Monday. Using terms like news service, like news outlet, it's just not appropriate." 

Yeah right, the Governor didn't know.....sorry, don't believe that for a second.