Ummmmm... That's Not How you Hold the Camera

For some reason, CNN had their Media Critic Brian Stelter out covering the historic snowstorm that wasn't historic at all in New York City. 

Of course, we could go on and on with why the guy that is supposed to critique the media is actually trying to do news reporting (he was already making excuses for the CNN's blown forecast this morning). Insiders at CNN tell FTVLive that "it's an embarrassment" having Stelter who has worked in TV for just over a year on the street reporting at the network.

There was one other problem as well, Stelter held his camera upside down for a good portion of his live shot. 

If only there was someone at CNN that could critique his reporting and lack of holding the camera right side up.

Tune into Reliable Sources this Sunday when Brian reports on what a great job he did as a news Reporter.

Let's go to the video: