Report: ABC Backtracked on Firing Rosie Perez from The View

Variety and other lesser known websites reported that Rosie Perez had left ABC's The View and would not be returning.

FTVLive checked with our sources and they said that the story was not true and Perez would be returning to the show, which indeed is the case.

Now, Variety is trying to say that ABC had planned on firing Perez and they backtracked on the plan after the story was leaked to the magazine.

Variety writes, "At the time, the network wasn’t ready to announce the co-host’s departure. According to a source familiar with ABC execs’ thinking, fear of “an Ann Curry situation” — a reference to NBC’s botched firing of the “Today” anchor in 2012 — led executives to reverse course and keep Perez on the network’s 11 a.m. talk show for now."

Senior ABC executives strongly deny that there was ever a plan to oust Perez.

“These unnamed sources are wrong,” said an ABC spokesperson. “As was always the plan, the amazingly talented Rosie Perez took time off to rehearse for her Broadway play. We’re eagerly looking forward to having her back on February 3rd. Any speculation to the contrary is simply untrue.”

Looks like someone is trying to make an excuse for a wrong story.

Just saying....