Historic Storm was Historic Bust in NYC

The media talk was about New York City getting as much as 3 feet of snow.

The TV Weather people said that this could be the biggest storm in New York City's history.

Records were going to be broken they claimed.

So how much snow did NYC get?

3 feet?

2 feet?

A foot?
Wrong again

The historic storm brought New York City 7 inches of snow, or as the folks in Buffalo call it, "a light dusting."

Once again, Mother Nature did not live up to the hype and you can expect the Media folks to start making excuses very soon.

Never mind.... they have already started. Funny how the media CRITIC is already starting the excuse train for the media. 

The bottom line,  if the media was right, they would have been crowing over and over about how they nailed the "Storm of the Millennium" or whatever they decided to call it. But, they were wrong again and the Chicken Little style of reporting will obviously have viewers looking at the next "Historic Storm" which a side eye.

The Weather folks swung and missed and they should admit as much and leave the excuses to the CNN Media Critic. 

Just saying.....