Fox News Anchor Interviews Her Dad about Deflate-Gate

Sometimes when a story is breaking you scroll through your contact list trying to find an expert on the subject.

Or if you're lucky, you just call Dad.

On Fox News Channel’s (FNC) Happening Now, co-host Jenna Lee had her Dad on the show to discuss allegations that the New England Patriots used balls that were deflated.

Lee's Dad is former NFL quarterback Bob Lee, who played for the Minnesota Vikings (where he played in two Super Bowls), the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams (now knows as the St. Louis Rams). 

During the segment, Jenna joked, “You’re going to be the go-to analyst for Happening Now, Dad. I hope you’ll give us the exclusive. You can’t go anywhere else after this.”

We're guessing he won't.

Got to love Dads.