Pushed Out in Chicago

After 21 years at the station, WLS (Chicago) told afternoon and fill-in meteorologist Mike Caplan, his services were no longer needed. 

The station recently hired Cheryl Scott from WMAQ and they needed to free up space, Caplan caught the bullet.

With six meteorologists being used by  the station (five full-time and one per diem) -- by far the most of any Chicago television station -- it wasn't a question if one of the current meteorologists would be released, but rather when. Most felt the odd man out would be either Mike Caplan or Phil Schwarz.

Caplan was the odd meteorologist out. 

Originally hired to be the ABC 7 morning meteorologist, Caplan moved to weekend weather anchor the following year. In 2004, he was promoted up to afternoon weather anchor, seen on the station's 4:00pm newscasts and serving as top fill-in for other times in the day.

H/T Chicagoland Radio and Media