JC Hayward "Retires" After 40+ Years

Well known WUSA and DC anchor JC Hayward is "retiring" (Yeah, right) after 43 years. Normally, that would be cause for a big celebration and maybe a Rolex from Gannett, however, Hayward is retiring while on suspension.

Hayward has been off the air for more than a year as FTVLive first reported in October 2013. Hayward is named in a lawsuit brought by DC's Attorney General over $3 Million of money from a charter school that appears to have been funneled into private companies. The lawsuit alleges Hayward was involved by using her position on the school's board of trustees and also owning one of the beneficiary companies.

Here's the spin on Hayward's 'resignation' from WUSA.

JC, I'd keep the watch in its box. You may need to pawn it.