Stalking the Stalker?

The man that plead guilty to stalking  Anderson Cooper is now claiming the CNN Anchor’s longtime partner is possibly behind a stalking campaign against him.

Alex Hausner, 40, whined to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon on Tuesday that “surrogates” of Cooper's boyfriend Benjamin Maisani are stalking him online and that he feels he’s in danger.

“I am under the impression that some of the people, various people from various places, might actually be some sort of surrogate for Mr. Maisani... again there are many different facets of scumbag society,” Hausner babbled at his court appearance in his stalking and harassment case.

“What are you telling me this for?” asked Solomon.

“Because I feel like I’m in danger and I think this case contributed to that,” Hausner went on. Haunser, who claimed he understood the nature of his actions, also said “sources” have told him that the night club owner boyfriend of the TV journalist is behind the supposed cyber harassment — although there is apparently no proof of it.

Hausner pleaded guilty to menacing and aggravated harassment last year.

He was required to get extensive treatment and was promised what amounts to time served plus five years’ probation if he completed the counseling and steered clear of the famous pair.

H/T NY Daily News