CNN's Glass House

The folks at CNN seemed to love the fact that the Mayor of Paris said that she was going to sue Fox News for their reports about “no-go zones” in Paris and other parts of Europe — scary places where Muslims supposedly dominate the streets, Sharia law governs conduct and police fear to patrol.

Fox News apologized and admitted that they were wrong a number of times.

Yet, when the Paris Mayor talked lawsuit, the gang at CNN was almost giddy to talk about it and report it.

But, the Washington Post says that CNN it's Kate Bolduan executioner Chris Cuomo was guilty of the very same thing.

Transcript from Friday January 9th:

BLITZER: Chris Cuomo, you are there in Paris for us. Have you sensed from the few days that you’ve been there, a growing anti-Muslim sentiment on the streets of Paris?

CUOMO: No. That would be a very difficult thing to tell. Certainly, I haven’t seen anything that I could report on that way. I mean, we have been getting read in about what cultural tensions do exist here. There’s a large part of the population that is assimilated. What’s happened in north Paris is not a secret. We know there were riots there several years ago. There are what they call a ‘no-go zone.’ There are problems with policing, problems with dis-enfranchisement. And we hear about that in urban centers about what they have to deal with in terms of minorities. But you are also going to have a phobic response when you have a particular member of a group that seems to be attacking the rest. The reaction has been to the violence. It hasn’t been cultural or Muslim centered. It’s just been, who is doing it and how is it going to be stopped?

Later that night it came up again on Anderson Cooper's show.

Has CNN or Chris Cuomo apologized for the comments?

Maybe the Paris Mayor should file one more lawsuit while she's at the courthouse.

Just saying.....