Texas Weatherman Returns to the Air After Being Shot

A month after being gun downed in the station's parking lot, KCEN Meteorologist Patrick Crawford returned to air. 

Crawford was up early to do the weather for Early Texas Today at 4:30 a.m. forecasting the warm conditions. 

"I timed my comeback very nicely with today's forecast," he joked. "We've got great weather today. We can expect the warm weather we saw over the weekend to return again today."

In the 6 a.m. hour, members of the Texas Today crew surprised Patrick with Superman t-shirts in support of him. On the front of the t-shirts there was the Superman logo, but on the back, wording stated "Crawford Strong." 

And while his coworkers surprised him with the Superman shirts, he had a little surprise of his own. He showed that underneath his suit, he too was wearing a Superman shirt in true Clark Kent fashion. 

No word when DC Comics will be filing a cease and desist against the station for the shirts. 

Also, no word if the man that gun down Crawaford was also watching, he's still on the loose and the $20,000 reward ramins for his arrest.