Just 9 More days... (Updated)

The event you guys have all been waiting for happens in 9 days.

TruTV will show the news battles between WABG and WXVT in the tiny market of Greenville, Miss., in their reality series "Breaking Greenville."

It will be a look at how TV news is done in a small market and it should be good for some laughs.

Sherry Nelson, general manager at WABG, said the stations received assurances they would not be made to look foolish. “We were concerned with the angle they wanted to take,” says Nelson (and she believed them?!)

Several staffers from both stations chose not to participate in Breaking Greenville. Some who did have come across, at least in the pilot, as self-reverent and petty, being way more focused on ratings than delivering good stories for viewers. “My primary concern,” says Nelson, “is that we’re portrayed as the station we are, and for the stories we do.”

Set your DVR's, you are not going to want to miss this.


Update: You can watch the first episode on YouTube for $1.99 which is exactly $1.98 more than I want to spend to watch that crap.