Fired WBFF Reporter: The Story Came from Management

FTVLive FIRST reported the news about the firings and suspensions that went down at Sinclair's WBFF after the station aired a   story that was misleadingly edited to make it sound like protesters were calling on people to “kill a cop.”

As FTVLive FIRST told you, WBFF Reporter Melinda Roeder was fired along with a station Photographer last week.

Insiders told FTVLive that the story idea came directly from News Director Mike Tomko.  "It was found by him, assigned by him and ultimately proofed by him," says a station insider to FTVLive. 

Insiders tell FTVLive that Tomko did get a 1 day suspension and a Producer who texted the Tomko that night saying he was uncomfortable with the story got suspended 2 days.

So, it appears that the ND got a slap on the wrist while others we penalized much more harshly.

Now, fired Reporter Melinda Roeder is speaking out and confirming that the story idea came from management.

In an email to the website,, Roeder wrote:

Thank you for reaching out. I can confirm that I have been terminated from my employment with Sinclair Broadcasting under a clause in my contract that allows them to fire me ‘without cause.’ I can also confirm that the story idea and video originated with a manager who makes all content decisions. I have received a great deal of support from my coworkers, all of whom know the truth behind the circumstances, and I appreciate them very much. Many have reached out to me over the last two days. I am not a reckless reporter. I have earned several awards throughout my career because of my professionalism. . . .

 Sources tell FTVLive that both Roeder and the Photographer have talked to attorneys.

Stay tuned....