BriWi's Salary Averages 350 more times Than Average News Anchor

The website was doing a story about CEO's salaries and how it compares to the CEO company's workers.

The site says that "the perceived disparity between a company’s CEO and its average worker has been a trope of the left and an obsession of the news media for decades."

They point to NBC's Brian Williams to make their point. 

"Television’s top news anchor, NBC’s Brian Williams, earns a reported $13 million a year to read the news. His pay packet is 350 times the earnings of the average TV news anchor, reporter or correspondent, who pull in around $37,000 a year. This disparity far surpasses the 150-1 ratio earned by the average CEO, according to Bloomberg.

If Brian Williams’ salary were brought in-line with the average amount CEO pay eclipses that of rank-and-file workers, his earnings would be around $5.5 million a year, rather than $13 million. No one is suggesting Mr. Williams take such a pay cut."

You can read the full story here.