Better Late Than Never

Gary Stromberg worked as a Reporter at WJW in Cleveland for 32 years. Which is about 28 years longer than we have worked at a single station. 

Back in 2003, Stromberg was elected Akron-based  Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He was supposed to be presented with a plaque at the time, but there was a problem and he was told they would get the plaque to him.

As time went by, Gary's plaque never arrived and he forget about it. But years later he finally got his reward.

We'll let him tell the story:

"In 2008, five years later, I retired from FOX8, and moved to Las Vegas. In late September of this year, I received a Facebook message from Suzy Gigante. She's the secretary to the station's General Manager. She told me that Dollis Rogers of The Broadcasters Hall of Fame was trying to reach me. She provided me a number and I contacted Mrs. Rogers. She told me that they came across my Hall of Fame plaque from 2003. She had no idea why it was tucked away in the office for 11 years. She said they would make sure I got it.

After all of those long years, I guess there was no real sense of urgency. Three more months went by and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a package the other day. There it was. It had survived 11 years stashed in an office and a cross-country journey. Now all I have to do is decide which wall in my home is best suited for my Hall of Fame plaque."

I guess it's true, good things come to those that wait.