Jeff Zucker Holds Town Hall for CNN Staff

CNN boss Jeff Zucker held another one of his town hall meetings for the staff.

Zucker was in New York and staffers there attended, others watched a closed circuit feed at CNN Bureaus around the country and around the globe.

Not much news came from the meeting, but there were two interesting exchanges.

First, CNN's Christiane Amanpour questioned Zucker over his decision not to air images of the Islamic prophet Mohammed on the Charlie Hebdo magazine cover?

Zucker ducked and weeved on the question and really never did answer it. Earlier he citied staff safety as a key reason for not showing the cartoons. On air, however, CNN has attributed the decision to a network policy "not to show potentially offensive images of the prophet."

The other interesting point when a staffer asked why CNN overuses the "breaking news" banner?

Zucker has said all cable news channels do -- to a fault. That's like a little kid saying, "Well Tommy and Steve put their heads in the toilet, so why can't I?"

Zucker was also asked about more layoffs and a possible sale of CNN?  He claimed that there would be no more layoffs and CNN would not be sold.

At that point his pants caught on fire and the town hall was over. 

H/T Politico