Grand Rapids Anchor Undergoes Surgery

It's not the ratings book and it's not cancer, but WZZM's Anchor Juliet Dragos is still filling viewers in on her rotator cuff surgery, because you know, viewers are dying to know that.

“Why did I wait? How could I have done this to my body?" Dragos posted on her blog on Monday prior to surgery. "I ask myself those questions every day now.”

Dragos, who is in her 23rd year as evening co-anchor at WZZM, is resting today after Tuesday's surgery on her right shoulder, which took three hours.

Prior to her procedure, Dragos posted that her right shoulder had caused her mild pain for years.

"My mother has arthritis and shoulder problems, so I figured it was genetic," she said.
But two years ago, Dragos slipped on the wet floor of an airplane lavatory. 

"As I tried to catch myself, I pushed both arms out on the narrow walls," she said. "I heard and felt the pop in my right shoulder. It really was the worst pain I've ever experienced."

Dragos thought it was a pulled muscle and treated it with ice and ibuprofen. After a couple of days, she was able to function again, though the pain remained.

In October, she fell again, this time landing on the shoulder. An MRI showed her bicep tendon was in the wrong place and eventually would tear. Her physician told her it was "one of the worst shoulder injuries I've ever seen."

"The pain has been unbearable at times," Dragos said. "I remember standing at the anchor desk one night, bending over and putting my head down to cry during a commercial break so I wouldn't ruin my makeup.

Dragos' physician hoped to fix part of the tear to relieve her pain, though it'll be worse before it gets better.

"I've been told to expect pain even worse than I've ever had," she posted prior to surgery.

And you can bet, viewers will hear all about it.