Bounced Jacksonville Anchors Form Production Firm

When Cox owned WJAX/WFOX blew up their anchor team, both Tera Williams (used to be Barz) and Lynnsey Gardner were sent packing from the station. 

Now, the two have formed a production firm together. 

Williams and Gardner have partnered to form Two Anchor Productions, a media marketing company offering small- to medium-sized businesses branding consulting, social media expertise, public relations and other services such as video production and even emceeing for corporate events.

Williams actually began the venture as a side pursuit a couple of years ago. "Through word-of-mouth, it just kept growing, and I went from one client to six clients, trying to do it all on weekends," said Williams, who lives in Ponte Vedra.

Williams recently added Gardner on as a partner, officially launching the business as Two Anchor Productions.

"I always had it in my mind that I would add a second anchor," Williams added.

For her part, Gardner said after talking with Williams following her departure from Action News she realized it was a perfect fit for her skill set.

"I think it did give me the courage to take a leap of faith," said Gardner.

Yeah...getting fired will do that.

H/T Jacksonville Business Journal