Lauer Just Wanted His Sleep

You have to feel a bit sorry for Matt Lauer. The Today Show star was stuck a flight with a passenger that wanted to talk about the all-day funeral he had been to.

Lauer was originally seated next to the grieving man on the United flight from LAX that landed before dawn Monday at Newark.

“Lauer asked a flight attendant, ‘Is this a full flight?’ He just wanted to get away from this weird guy and find a seat where he could sleep,” said a fellow passenger.

A passenger nearby overheard Lauer, and offered to switch, and the anchorman ended up sitting next to Morales, who was already fast asleep.

“Lauer wanted to move to two empty seats so he could stretch out, but the flight attendants had just upgraded two people from coach,” said my source. “He sat down next to Natalie, put a blanket over his head and slept the whole way.”

We've all been there Matt.

H/T Page Six