CNN to Drone On

Not satisfied with the current pace of planes going missing, CNN will soon start losing aircraft of their own.

The FAA is permitting CNN to start using drones as a reporting tool. 

The FAA has been very slow to react to drones being used for news coverage and maybe this is the organization's first big step.

 While CNN's own active efforts to bring drones into the newsroom started June 2014, experimentation with drone journalism is almost as old as the hobby itself. News agencies like the Associated Press have used drones to cover huge disaster stories, and journalism schools, such as the University of Missouri and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, integrated drones into their classes (until the FAA squashed that idea in 2013.) There's even a professional society of drone journalists, and several news outlets have fought the FAA on its drone kibosh saying it infringes on the first amendment.

I get the feeling that something with a drone and Don Lemon is not going to end well.

Just saying.

H/T Gizmodo