Fired Harrisburg Anchor to Resurface Across the Street

Back in early December, FTVLive told you that WHTM Anchor/Reporter Al Gnoza was fired from the station the GM was not saying why.  

It appeared that Gnoza was canned for making a joke on air about Three Mile Island. The joke, according to a Tweet that Gnoza shared on his profile, was "If you hear a siren tomorrow, we are all going to die."

But, now it looks like the popular Anchor is going to pop up across town. 

Over the weekend, a rally was held for the fired anchor at a local bar. Fans of displaced Anchor lined up to meet him. 

Viewers have come to know Gnoza for his unconventional style of delivering wry quips, off-the-cuff remarks.

Speaking of his three mile island joke, Gnoza said, “I always thought I knew exactly where that line was and I still know.”“I still know where that line is and I don’t think I crossed it.”

Gnoza has landed on his feet, saying Saturday night that he will soon be working for another TV station in the Harrisburg market, but couldn’t disclose which one or when he will start.

We're guessing he won't be making any three mile island jokes when he returns. 

H/T The Sentinel