CNN Staff Not Happy How Zucker Handled Bolduan Demotion

When FTVLive FIRST broke the news back on Dec. 23rd that Kate Bolduan would be replaced by Alisyn Camerota on CNN's New Day, emails and phone calls starting flying between CNN suits.

FTVLive had clearly broke a story that CNN boss Jeff Zucker and his news managers did not want out there.

Zucker had just left for holiday vacation and CNN's PR department was scrambling with what to do about the FTVLive story?

We reported at the time that CNN wanted to make the announcement early in the New Year. Now, with the FTVLive story out there, CNN and Zucker did not know what to do.

So, they waited till Friday and a very busy news day to leak the story to some hollywood website and then confirmed the story that the journalistic challenged website and writer/hack Jordan Chariton reported.

But staffers inside CNN were not happy with the way CNN handled the situation and how Bolduan basically got blown off in a Friday news dump. 

“The manner in which Jeff did it is angering female staffers…They took [Bolduan] out while she was on maternity leave and buried it on a day when there’s serious news,” said an insider to Page Six.

There was no doubt that CNN dropped the ball and their PR department could not figure out for the life on them, how to pick it back up.

Bolduan goes from a 3 hour block in prime morning time, to just an hour at the throw away time of 11AM.

Of course, you can go back over a year to Oct. 2013 and FTVLive FIRST tipped you off that this change was coming. 

CNN had plenty of time to figure out how this was going to go down and the completely flubbed it.

Just saying....