Another Out the Door in Miami

Veteran SoFlo Reporter Brian Andrews is the latest on-air talent to depart WFOR in Miami.

Word is that Andrews will be gone at the end of the month when his contract with the station expires.  

“There’s a lot more I’d like to do with my career than WFOR has to offer right now,” Andrews tells FTVLive. “I was told a several months back the station wouldn’t have any other opportunities for me beyond my current assignment.”  

Andrews did investigations and special projects, after being taken off the weekend anchor desk as part of a major talent shuffle earlier in the year.

This was Andrews’ second stint at WFOR.  He’s also worked at WSVN and WPLG.   Andrews made his way back to WFOR after spending a several years in Latin America running english-language news for Colombia’s RCN.

“A lot of very talented people have passed through this station and the Miami market,” he said.  “I believe God’s best for my career is still ahead.”

Andrews says he’s working with Los Angeles-based Agent Mendes Napoli to explore options elsewhere in TV.  In the meantime, he’s gearing up to work at a consultant and media strategist based in Miami, when his WFOR contract is over.