Sex. Lies and Posted Video

FTVLive is back in the World Headquarters and judging by all the empty beer bottles, we're guessing the FTVLive Intern had a hell of a party the last two days.

But, at least the Intern did not follow the lead of NBC Digital Producer Carlo Dellaverson.

Dellaverson was busted by police Today for secretly making a video of his girlfriend having sex with him on Valentines Day — and posting it on a porn web site.

Police say that Dellaverson works for the NBC station’s online division – hid a camera in the apartment he shared with his 29-year-old girlfriend. 

Word is that Dellaverson slipped into bed with his girlfriend while the hidden camera was rolling and later posted the raunchy video the on XTube, the sources said.

The woman discovered the video on the accused perv’s home computer several months later on Sept. 4 — and promptly dumped Dellaverson and moved out.

She later emailed the University of Richmond grad asking him why he posted the video for the world to see — and he confirmed in his reply that he had put the steamy footage online, sources said.

The victim filed a police report and Dellaverson was arrested at his home this morning and charged with with disseminating unlawful surveillance and harassment.

We expect his job will soon be open and posted by NBC. 

H/T NY Post