Real Life "Jerry Maguire" Agent: NFL Stonewalled Until TMZ

Former super agent Leigh Steinberg, whose life inspired the film "Jerry Maguire", thinks the NFL knew more than enough to severely punish Baltimore Raven's star Ray Rice back in July.  Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Rice for two games.

Now that TMZ has a tape showing Rice punching and knocking out his then fiance, the NFL suspended him indefinitely and the Raven's fired him.

"It shouldn't take a TMZ tape to set NFL policy on domestic violence", says Steinberg, "The NFL has a unique opportunity to set the standard in role modeling."

You're not going to all of the media play this up too much, because they're afraid the NFL will take financial retribution. It's pretty sad when sports trumps protecting people from violence. I'll say this, it took some 'stones' for Steinberg to come out strong against the NFL. Hey, isn't that how the movie "Jerry Maguire" started?

H/T The Wrap