Beltway Boy Chuck Todd Takes Over Meet The Press

While most people were looking forward to the first Sunday of the NFL season, NBC's Chuck Todd also had a big day.

Todd hosted his first show as the new moderator of NBC's Meet The Press.

Todd took over for David Gregory, who drove the show and its ratings into the ground since taking over. 

Todd came out swinging with a sit down with President Obama. The interview was fine, but with the President's long drawn out answers it was a bit boring as well. The Obama interview is sure to raise the dismal numbers for MTP, so having POTUS on was a smart move. 

The show had other changes as well. There were changes in the format and new panelists, notably Joe Scarborough. Luke Russert is also supposed to appear on MTP as a regular, but he was wisely kept off the first show.  

As for how Todd did on his first crack? It was a solid show and Todd seems to be much less arrogant than Gregory was.

But, can he turn the show ratings slide around?

As one network suit said to FTVLive, "he can't make it any worse."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. 

Stay tuned....