Newsweek adds warning to Zakaria Articles

While CNN's bosses and media critic Brian Stelter does not seem to have a problem with Fareed Zakaria's serial plagiarism problem, it seems most others do.

In fact, Zakaria's former employer Newsweek has gone so far to add a warning to his archived columns.

Newsweek writes:

"Fareed Zakaria worked for Newsweek when it was under previous ownership. Readers are advised that some of his articles have been the subject of complaints claiming that they contain material that should have been attributed to others," the note reads. "In addition, readers with information about articles by Mr. Zakaria that may purportedly lack proper attribution are asked to e-mail Newsweek at"


CNN and it's boss Jeff Zucker has yet to do anything about the Zakaria's plagiarism claims and says he has "complete confidence" in the anchor.

H/T Politico