CNN Pays George Zimmerman's $3600 Hotel Bill

The magazine GQ wrote a long article about George Zimmerman and his family that included a few interesting nuggets.

 Robert, George’s brother, recounts the conditions under which the two of them agreed to an interview with CNN. In short, it involved taking CNN for all hotel minibar bottles money can buy.

Mediaite writes that CNN offered to pay for two Ritz-Carlton hotel rooms in Miami for three nights, plus “everything” the Zimmermans wanted during their stay, according to Robert.

From GQ:

The Zimmermans seized on their brief stint of subsidized luxury. They ran up a big room-service bill, cleaned out the minibars, got their clothes laundered, made several trips to the spa, treated a party of ten to dinner at the hotel restaurant, and bought swag—from bracelets to bath fizzies—at the gift shop.

The result was a $3,600 tab presented to Robert at the end of the stay. He sent it to a CNN producer who then supposedly told Robert, “You and your brother are evil!”

Robert said he then had a near panic attack.

It gets both better and worse:

Unconsoled, Robert called the only person he could think of: [HLN's] Dr. Drew, who’d been kind to him when he went on Drew’s TV show shortly before George’s trial. He reached a producer, who told him Dr. Drew wasn’t available. But the guy was nice, at least. He stayed on the phone awhile and talked Robert down. Eventually CNN agreed to pay the bill, and the next morning Robert returned the only purchases he could: a bottle of Mercedes-Benz cologne and a Ritz-Carlton wallet that George had bought him to say thanks.

At the end of the article, there is a story about Robert (who is gay) nearly sleeping with an unnamed “female cable-news talking head.”

GQ drops this little detail in a lengthy parenthetical toward the end, after discussing Robert’s newfound role as the family’s official spokesman:

His family-spokesman gig has been making him feel especially torn lately. On the one hand, he enjoys the attention. (At one point he tells me a long, hilarious story about a surreal night of drinking recently in New York City with a female cable-news talking head and the Navy Seal who allegedly shot Osama bin Laden. Robert says he wound up in bed with the cable-news commentator and, even though his sexuality seems to be pointed in the wrong direction, they began hooking up, until his bracelet got caught in her hair.)

Anyone want to take a guess as to who “female cable-news talking head” was?

H/T Gawker